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Cat In The Canyon

Cat In The Canyon $28,500

I’ve always considered myself a functional artist. By that I don’t mean just being able to hit my dinner plate with a fork. So what is functional art? It is simply work with a primary function unrelated to the aesthetics of the piece. Since the functional part is most important to the success of the work, the challenge for me is to make the boundary between function and art disappear.

The safe pictured here, Cat In The Canyon, was commissioned on 4-24-2020. As stated, the most important element of this work is the safe. Here you’ll find a beautifully finished vessel that is a work of art by itself. Built to the owner’s specifications it included the following:

  • Composite construction consisting of 1/4” fully welded steel outer shell with 1.5” of refractory cement fire protection in the walls; 3” in the top and bottom, and an 18 gauge stainless steel inner liner.
  • Stout box frame construction in door and doorframe along with internal hinges, it has a unique motor driven locking system (with manual backup) that actually bolts the door closed.
  • Hand fitted fire seals
  • Fingerprint activated lock
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior art: forged and fabricated steel with paint and patina finish
  • Interior: buyer to customize
  • Approximate weight: 1800 lbs

Remember, all commissions are built to your specifications—from top of the line, to over the top. Due to the nature of all work being unique and of varying complexity, a limited number of commissions are available per year.